Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Logo Options

below are some different options of logo's i have been struggling with. for some reason, it has taken me way longer then it should to come up with a logo that i like and one that will help to brand my restaurant and give it an identity from those who pass it on the street.

my NEW idea:
since my building is located close to the heart of downtown Baton Rouge, i wanted a place that evokes history and encompasses baton rouge, LSU sports, and the college atmosphere that saturates this area.

therefore, I would like to introduce Baton Rouge TAILGATE, Sports Bar & Bistro. its theme will revolve around history and nostalgia, with a 1950's twist. My final logo below, i feel emulates that. i wanted the word TAILGATE to stand out, since that is the main name of the restaurant, and i wanted it to resemble letters on an old license plate. subtle pinstripes separate the top portion, and then the overall shape is supposed to give a feel of the old chevy and ford truck's emblems. below shows how my design has evolved:

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