Monday, April 20, 2009

more interior

right by waiting area showing entrance into elevator and also back towards the main entrance of restaurant. purple column in far left will be repeated for floor support. these columns are also found flanking tv's in bar.
opposite end of restaurant from mezzanine. shows beginning stages of second level. will have railings for sure! also, at least one staircase for waiters/guests, elevator will bring guests right up to the level. figure shows scale. about 10' from level 2 floor to column capitol.
view of bar looking towards entrance. gives a good view of second level.
original artwork and photography will be found throughout restaurant from and around LSU's campus.
looking up at mezzanine level. large blue screen will be a huge projection screen/tv for sports games. banquette seating in far corner. 4 large tv's line the wall. on floor level, the use of clocks is carried throughout restaurant in tribute to the old clock on the building's exterior.

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